UDC MK3 Penny Farthing

A high specification racing Penny Farthing that is designed and produced by Unicycle.com. While this machine harks back to the days of the 1880s, when these were popular, it is brought right up to date with the use of modern materials and manufacturing techniques. This produces a durable rideable Penny Farthing (Ordinary Cycle).

The frame is made from CrMo and has a moveable rear fork to allow you to change the front fork rake for different riding preferences. As well as the standard double step which is ideal for coasting there is an additional lower step that can be set to the left or right to help mounting.

Saddle: UDC Penny Farthing Saddle – Brown
Forks & Frame: 50″ UDC Mk3
Cranks: Nimbus ‘Venture2’ ISIS Cranks – 125mm
Pedals: Nimbus ‘Studded’ Plastic Pedals
Handlebars: UDC Penny Farthing Aluminium Handlebars (Black)

Front Wheel-Size: 50″
Front Rim: UDC Penny Farthing Rim – Anodised in Black
Front Tyre: GreenTyre 700c x 20 Race Tyre – Red
Front Hub: UDC Penny Farthing ISIS Hub – 64 Hole, Black
Front Spokes: 64x 12g Stainless Steel with Brass Nipples

Rear Wheel-Size: 18″
Rear Rim: UDC Penny Farthing Rear Rim – Anodised Black
Rear Tyre: GreenTyre 700c x 20 Race Tyre – Red
Rear Hub: UDC Penny Farthing Hub – 28 Hole, Black
Rear Spokes: 28x 14g Stainless Steel with Brass Nipples.

Weight: 13.7 kg

How to size your Penny Farthing
A wheel that is too large or too small will result in an uncomfortable ride. For general riding follow that table shown below, if you are looking at racing penny farthing consider going to the size larger. The measurements are from crotch to floor with your shoes on.

30″ inseam length = 48″ Penny Farthing
32″ inseam length = 50″ Penny Farthing
34″ inseam length = 52″ Penny Farthing
36″ inseam length = 54″ Penny Farthing

These are recommended “rules of thumb” only, and not written in stone. If you are not sure give us a call and we can discuss.



Also Available in Black 48″ MK3