Previous Versions

UDC Mk4 Penny Farthing

This is the current and most up to date model.  The Mk4 comes with a rear brake fitted and supplied with multi pedals hole cranks for more versatile riding. The red accents have been dropped for a all black aesthetic.

• Supplied with brake installed
• VCX+ three pedal hole cranks
• All Black
• Minor tweaks to the cable trunking and brake installation

Mk4   2018 >



UDC Mk3.5 Penny Farthing

Intermediate change to the Mk3. The Mk3.5 had slight changes to the frame to improve strength and was offered by default with Standard High-wheels tyres. The top of the frame plates were added to improve the strength of the rear spine and help reduce twisting if dismounted badly or in accidents.

• Red accents toned back to just the bars
• Rear spine strengthen at the top.
• Solid Standard High-Wheels Tyres

Mk3.5   2016 > 2017




UDC Mk3 Penny Farthing

The Mk3 really moved things on on coming pre-built from Taiwan and only requiring tyres. Being pre-built meant we could get them shipped to customers much quicker than the previous kit cycles. Upgraded to using our amazing deep section rims. The frame has an adjustable rear fork for changing the rake. Distinct black and red theme.

• Two high steps and adjustable lower step
• UDC wheel-sets using our rims.
• Red tyres, bar-tape and pedals
• Cable routing for rear brakes.
• Adjustable rear forks

Mk3   2015 > 2016


UDC Mk2 Penny Farthing

Our first Penny Farthing that was sold to the general public. They came in kit form with the only piece missing was the front and rear rims. Many customers build custom wheel-sets using our hubs and spokes, and a variety of rims.

• Manufactured in Taiwan
• Improved spine radius
• Two-Level steps
• Custom designed rear forks

Without wheels many custom versions of the Mk2 appeared with rims in many different colours.

Mk2    2013 > 2014


UDC Mk1 Penny Farthing

Our very first Penny Farthing manufactured in the UK and had a very bright colour scheme. In-house made handle bars made from 700mm Unicycle seatposts, first Penny Farthing to offer ISIS front hub and cranks.

• Brooks saddle
• Fixed rear forks
• Velocity rims
• Low steps

Never sold commercially only three prototypes were constructed and used at events.

Mk1   2011 > 2012