Something about us

Who are UDC Pennys

UDC Penny Farthings are the worlds leading manufacturer and distributor of modern day penny Farthings. We supply Penny Farthings for all your needs, whether that be general riding, racing or breaking British records.
UDC stands for Unicycle dot com. is the worlds leading manufacturer in Unicycles and they also design and make the UDC Penny Farthings. The two companies are ran by the same people in the same office in the North East of England.

UDC Penny Farthings

The UDC Penny Farthing is a high specification Penny Farthing that is designed and produced by While this machine harks back to the days of the 1880s, when these were popular, it is brought right up to date with the use of modern materials and manufacturing techniques.This produces a durable rideable Penny Farthing (Ordinary Cycle). Not only are they ideal for racing but we think they look great too! We even offer custom paint jobs to make them really stand out.

How to buy

It couldnt be easier to get your hands on one of these UDC Pennys. The main branch for our UDC Pennys is at in the UK. Although many of the other countries stock our Penny Farthings. If you are wanting more info or would like to buy one, visit and then contact them directly. The staff are on hand to help you out with which size you will need and to answer any questions. You can even buy direct from the website and they will ship to anywhere in the world.