Something about us

Who are hold a vast range of unicycles and spares in stock and can deliver them quickly to your door. Everyone is different, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Need cranks for off-road? How long? We can offer professional advice from our expert staff on which is the best one to purchase. With the global buying power of the largest unicycle retail group in the world can import, stock and supply the widest range of unicycles and spares anywhere. We have also expanded our store to include Penny Farthings due to the regular requests from our customers.

Unicycles and Pennys

Unicycles and Penny Farthings (Ordinary Bikes) have a lot more in common than your regular bikes (Safety Bikes). Penny Farthings have fixed axles and so do Unicycles. Unicycles have external bearings and so do Penny Farthings. The way the Cranks and Pedals attach to the wheel are the same on both platforms. Penny Farthing have handlebars I hear you shout, well some modern Unicycles have handlebars too. You sit on top of the front wheel of a Penny Farthing and you sit on top of the wheel of a Unicycle. The only real difference is the wheel hanging out the back on the Penny Farthing, or a training wheel to Unicyclists.

Where to buy? have branches all over the globe, the main branch for Penny Farthings is the United Kingdom. Although many of the other countries stock our Penny Farthings. If you are wanting more information or would like to know what is available, first visit and then contact them directly for more information.