UDC Penny Farthing ISIS Hub – 64 Hole, Black

* ISIS Drive interface
* 42mm bearings
* Superlight construction – 860g
* CrMO spindle
* Comes with 2, M8 x 16mm long ISIS bolts
* Comes with 2 x 5mm crank spacers
* Bearing pitch of 155mm
* 66.3mm flange width
* 62mm spoke hole PCD
* Weight: 860g
* Drilled for 12g spokes


UDC Penny Farthing Hub – 28 Hole, Black

The hub as used for the rear wheel of the UDC modern Penny Farthing. This is a folding bike front hub… but works perfectly as the rear hub on the Penny farthings.

* 100mm drop out distance, with 3/8″ spindle
* Black powdercoated finish
* 28 spoke holes
* 66.3mm flange width
* 62mm spoke hole PCD
* Weight: 297g
* Drilled for 14g spokes
* Hub flange width (W) = 66.3mm


Sapience Rubberised Aluminium Bar Ends

Rubberised aluminium barends that are used on the UDC Penny Farthing handlebars. Made by Sapience. These also make a great high grip bike bar end.

* Fits 22.2 handle bars
* Black rubber finish
* Unique front and back grip area
* 127mm long (77mm front, 50mm back)
* Allen key clamp built in.
* Weight: 145g Sold in pairs.


48/50/52/54/56″ UDC Penny Farthing Rim – 64 Hole

The UDC Penny Farthing Rim is a high quality deep section rim that is produced especially for the UDC Penny Farthing or you supersize Unicycle.

* Width: 19mm.
* Depth: 41mm.
* Spoke Holes: 64 holes at 12 gauge.
* Material: High-Quality 6061-T6 Aluminium.
* Construction: Double-Wall.
* Finish: Black anodised
* Colour: Aluminium
* Weight: 1576g.


20″ UDC Penny Farthing Rim – 28 Hole

This is the rim that comes with our UDC Penny Farthings. Some solid 18″ tyres may fit but it is best to check all the dimentions before ordering. If you are still unsure please feel free to contact us by E-mail.

* Width: 19mm.
* Depth: 41mm.
* Spoke Holes: 28 holes at 14 gauge.
* Material: High-Quality 6061-T6 Aluminium.
* Construction: Double-Wall.
* Finish: Black anodised
* Colour: Aluminium


Nimbus VCX+ ISIS Cranks – 100/125/150mm

The latest cranks from Nimbus Unicycles, the VCX+. These amazing new polished cranks offer not just two crank lengths, but three!

Material: 6061 T-6 Aluminum.
Color: Polished
Length: 100/125/150mm
Weight (pair): 454g
Type: ISIS
Q-Factor: Almost Zero Q-factor – This is the amount a crank bends outwards. Zero means it doesn’t lean outwards at all. The straighter the crank the better for speed, the wider the better for ankle clearance and greater maneuverability.

Note: Crank length is measured from the center of the axle hole to the center of the pedal hole. Sold in pairs.