How-To Size

A wheel that is too large or too small will result in an uncomfortable ride and careful consideration is needed to be sure you have the right size for what you are wanting to do with the penny farthing.

Measure your leg length, measuring crotch to floor while wearing your riding shoes.  For general riding use the table below to determine the size that suits you. Should you be wanting to race the penny farthing you should consider going up one size.  If you are wanting to use the penny farthing in a hilly area or are wanting to use it for touring, consider going down one size.

  • 30″ inseam length = 48″ Penny Farthing
  • 32″ inseam length = 50″ Penny Farthing
  • 34″ inseam length = 52″ Penny Farthing
  • 36″ inseam length = 54″ Penny Farthing
  • 38″ inseam length = 56″ Penny Farthing

These are recommended “rules of thumb” only, and not written in stone. If you are not sure give us a call and we can discuss.