Trying Out

Club Membership is open to anyone tall enough to reach the pedals!

You are welcome to join the Penny Farthing Club, male or female, 18 + and providing you are 5ft 4 inches (163 cm) or taller.

Prospective members are required to attend a three hour training course which can be booked through Airbnb Experiences (Bike like a Victorian through Central London) and Fromigo (Ride a Penny Farthing in Central London). On completion of your training course, you will be capable and confident of riding a Penny Farthing bicycle safely on public roads. Your training fee will include your first year’s membership of the Penny Farthing Club. Thereafter, annual membership is £25.

To become a member, please email the club and we will be in touch to make the necessary arrangements. The cost of the training course is £125